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Meet Tom, He's not your average tortoise. He is something of a mystery and a maverick.


He is an Aldabran Giant Tortoise from the islands of the Aldabra Atoll in the Indian Ocean. We believe he is well over 100 years old . Despite the many stories,

no one is quite sure how he arrived in Tanzania or came to the village of Masama

on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, but we are certainly glad that he did.


Tom has been keeping a careful watch over this coffee since the cherries were

first picked; often snoozing under the bean drying tables as they soak up the

Tanzanian heat

Tortoise Tom Coffee


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tortoise tom pic of tom

After all, patrolling our Kibo estate all these years has taught Tom a thing or two about growing and harvesting fine Arabica coffee beans, which

need lots of TLC and time to develop.


Tom's approach to choosing fine tasting coffee can't be rushed either. So when he gave us his gentle nod of approval to the Tanzanian coffee in

our packs, we felt it only right to present it in his name. All we ask is that you take a leaf out of Tom's book of life and simply slow down, relax and enjoy this unique coffee one sip at a time


Follow Tom on Twitter: @TortoiseToms or visit

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Tortoise Tom donate 10p for each pack sold to the International Tortoise Association,


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