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International Tortoise Association

71 South Road , Sully,  Vale of Glamorgan, CF64 5SL


Phone: 02920 531282


Registered Charity Number 1116347

Tortoise Sanctuary

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Our tortoises were woken from hibernation on the 28th March this year and have now settled in to their summer routines. They are now out enjoying the sun in their garden pens. Apart from the babies of course - they are still snuggled up warm as toast in their vivariums. It's now an extremely busy time at the sanctuary and any help that can be given with regard to garden maintenance etc, is greatly welcome. If you can spare any time to help just give us a call.

Summer is here at last !

Post Hibernation Check

The Post Hibernation Check took place on 9th April at the International Tortoise Association in Sully. This event gave the opportunity to bring your tortoises along for a health check; get thier BMI calculated and ask any questions regarding the health of your tortoises post hibernation. There will also be the opportunity to buy any supplies, including food, calcium power and lighting etc.


You will be able to bring your tortoise along for a free post hibernation check. This is a very important check as your tortoises health needs to be checked post hibernation, checking their eyes and mouth are clear and that they haven’t lost too much weight. Also, There will be tortoise food, calcium/vitamin supplement, tortoise books, bulbs and lamps for sale. If you need any advise we will have trustees available to help.


There will be light refreshments on offer, a cup of coffee etc.



News and Events

Open Day

Following the success of last years open day we will be holding this years on Sunday 5th June 10.00 a.m. til 4.00 p.m. There will be something for all the family.  You will be able to see baby tortoises (born Sept 2015), the Giant African Spur Thigh tortoises and terrapins that at homed at the ITA. Please come and join us and bring your friends and family too.

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