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Due to COVID 19 Rules this year we will be having hibernation check-up and take in on the same day, this will save everyone having to make two visits. This will be starting from Sunday 18th October until Sunday 1st November. It will be staggered every day over two weeks 10am until 1pm giving everyone plenty of time to drop their tortoise off. There will only be one person allowed in to drop tortoise off, if you have more tortoise and require help to carry there will be volunteers here on the entrance to help you.                                                                                                                 Your membership will need to be paid up to date before hibernation. This will be checked on the day you come in.                                                                        You will be required to wear a mask or visor during your visit and follow social distancing. Hand gels will be available in all areas.                                                                                            Unfortunately due to rules we will not be able to open the public toilet, and of course no children will be allowed to come in.


Please make sure your tortoise has not eaten for at least 2 weeks before coming in for hibernating.


Short hibernation take in will be = Sunday October 18th 2020 every day until Sunday 1st November 2020 - 10am  until 1pm


Collection date will be = Saturday 9th  January and Sunday 10th January. 2021 - 10am until 1pm.                                                                     The fee will be £45


Full hibernation take in date will be = Sunday 18th October 2020 every day until Sunday 1st November 2020 - 10am until 1pm


Collection date will be = Sunday 7th March 2021 every day until Sunday 14th March 2021 - 10am until 1pm.

The Fee will be £70


Failure to collect your tortoise on the given day will incur a charge of £20 per week.


If you are unsure of anything please ring the sanctuary on 02920 531282 previous to hibernation as the phone will not be manned on hibernation day. If there is no answer please leave a brief message and we will return your call as soon as possible.



Hibernation check-up and take in. 2020 until 2021